Self Help & Luck Issues

Want to learn how to be more balanced in your life?
Want to learn how to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses?
Want to know if there is anything that you or your loved one needs to be aware of this year?
What is the potential of your future?

Please be careful when asking about the future and about luck questions and don’t ask questions you have no influence on the situation like “will I win the lottery?”.

Suggested questions and readings

(Read these as guidelines. You can ask your own question).

  • Understand the key points in your life with this once in lifetime Totem map to living balanced and free of conflicts life
  • Are you looking for a tool that will let you work with yourself, your personality, skills and ability so you can explore, examine, inspect and develop yourself and even guide you to who you really are? Then the Color Birth Chart is for you
  • What’s waiting for you or your loved one this year?
  • Your Tarot Birth Cards
  • Your personal year Tarot Card
  • Take an amazing deep look at your personality (or your loved one)
  • Looking for a general overview of a situation? Gypsy Tarot Reading spread will reveal a surprising amount of information
  • Balance your 7 chakras
  • Bring anything to your aura energy with Light Language 49 Grid
  • Learn what’s your subconscious is telling you Dream Meaning Interpretation
  • Need to know your position in this confusing world?
  • Allow your hearts’ unspoken desire to be reviled
  • Open yourself to beauty
  • What is in store for you regarding the future?
  • Get a message from your inner truth

For any other questions, use one of the readings below.

Please remember that a reading will not “predict” the future. Your action and reaction to the reading will play the most important role in your health.

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