Gypsy Tarot Reading

Gypsies were common in Europe and were wondering people who consequently made them encounter different people and cultures. They were known for their ability to predict the future mainly was transferred from women to women. They have come to know themselves through the cards and that way achieved deep insights and understanding.

The Gypsy Tarot Reading can be entertainment as well but even then the card reading can be accurate and reveal the hidden truth.

Gypsy Tarot cards contribution

Gypsy Tarot Cards and all other Gypsy cards open the door and look into our inner self. The focus will be on awareness through reading signs and interpreting you can take all answers into account.

Gypsy Tarot card deck

There are many Gypsy cards decks and most will be attributed to Mademoiselle Lenormand who was the most famous gypsy card reader of all times. Some say she used to give advice to Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon.

Most Gypsy Card decks will contain 36 cards and each card will have a Victorian-style image and its meaning, helping us in the fortune telling.

Reading the Gypsy Tarot cards

The Gypsy Tarot Cards are based on universal symbols taken from everyday life and their clear message can be quickly and easily explained.

Most Gypsies couldn’t read or write and were exposed to different languages during their wandering so they had to find a universal language. Using painted symbols helped them express themselves in a way that everyone can overcome the language barriers.

Gypsy Card Reading can be done to any issue and the message can direst the person to select the most suitable solution.

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Available gypsy Cards Spreads

Gypsy Tarot Cards Questions Spread

Ask the Gypsy Tarot Reading any 3 questions. Questions can be on different issues or related.

Gypsy Tarot Reading Annual Prediction Spread

What can we expect of this year? This Gypsy Tarot Reading spread will let you know all this year issues month by month. The spread can be done all year long.

Gypsy Tarot Reading Love and Romance Spread

A look at your romantic relationship through Gypsy Tarot Reading will let you know what you think and feel towered your lover and what the other side thinks and feel for you.
These 7 cards spread work even if you are at the start of a relationship.

Gypsy Tarot Reading Personality Analysis Spread

Take an amazing deep look at a personality with Gypsy Tarot Reading Spread. These 7 cards spread will show you your inner self, your aim in life and your spiritual journey.

Gypsy Tarot Reading Romany 21 cards spread

Looking for a general overview of a situation? This Gypsy Tarot Reading spread will reveal a surprising amount of information. Learn about your thoughts, needs, desires, support, love, goals and personal quests in the past, present and the Future.


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