Money and Career Issues

Looking for a job?
Lost your job and you need to find a new one?
Need money to handle a large debt?
Want to quit your job?
Pursuing further education in your career?

Financial concerns and income reduction can affect your everyday situations and cause problems in other areas of life like health, love and relationship etc.

What to ask about

There are plenty of questions you can ask to ease your economic concerns that are in front of your mind.

The readings can help you brainstorm ways and techniques to overcome money and career blocking and lead you to live a prosperous life.

Wording your questions will make the difference in the guidance you can get and what you can achieve in your future.

Suggested questions and readings

(Read these as guidelines. You can ask your own question).

  • What do I need to do in order to obtain the job?
  • What is blocking me and holding me back from obtaining my dream job?
  • What should I consider when looking for a new job?
  • What can I do to succeed in my self-employed business?
  • What strengths and weaknesses do I bring to my workplace?
  • What is blocking me from earning more money?
  • What steps do I need to take in order to earn additional money?

For any other questions, use one of the readings below.

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How to ask the questions

We recommend not asking questions like “when will I get the job?”, a simple date answer will not help you get your next job. Focus on the things you can do to obtain what you are looking for.

Try to focus on getting more guidance and advice regarding the situation and avoid asking questions like “am I getting more money soon?”

Questions containing judgmental or desperate feelings will bring vague answers so try to avoid questions like “will I ever finish paying for this?”. Seek the positive thoughts and actions that will bring your career to the level you want to be in.

Please remember that a reading will not “predict” the future.

Your action and reaction to the reading will play the most important role in your career and money situations.

Money & Career Readings

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