Sacred Path Cards Reading

The “Red Road” is a way that invites us to take responsibility for the future that we create. This Sacred way takes into account the impact of every decision we take and every act we do. This is a fantastic tool to dig deep into ourselves and discover our strengths, skills and abilities through the native Red Road.

The Sacred Path Cards

The Sacred Path Cards were developed by Jamie Sams and combine the Native spiritual tradition and wisdom to show us how to walk our sacred path, our life.

the Sacred Path Cards deck

The deck has 44 cards that increase our self awareness, inner knowledge and lead us to the change we need in our Medicine Walk.

Reading the Sacred Path Cards

In the Sacred Path Cards Reading we can seek and discover our personal truth with the native traditional lessons.

The Sacred Path Cards Reading will connect us through our hearts to the existing life we live.

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Available Sacred Path Cards Spreads

Sacred Path Cards Four Directions Spread

These 4 cards Sacred Path Cards Reading spread will balance you and give you the essential medicine you need in order to heal. The spread will use the traditional four directions Medicine Wheel.

Sacred Path Cards The Corn Stalk Spread

These 4 cards Sacred Path Cards Reading spread is the reminder of the beauty we can receive if we are open to it.

Sacred Path Cards The Dream Weaver Spread

Do you know your dreams? This Sacred Path Cards Reading spread will teach you about your dreams and what are they made of. This spread will allow you to see into your hearts’ unspoken desire.

Sacred Path Cards The Pathway Spread

This amazing Sacred Path Cards Reading spread will give you a lot of information about the pathway of life. Ask and the 7 cards will let you know the situation in the past, present, future, lessons you have learned, lessons you will learn, what is working for you and what is working against you.

Sacred Path Cards The Peace Tree Spread

If you feel odd and seeking inner peace this Sacred Path Cards Reading spread is for you. The spread will teach you how to find serenity and clean conscience through seeking the silent places of the spirit.

Sacred Path Cards The Tipi Spread

Do you know your position in this confusing world? This Sacred Path Cards Reading gives an overall view of the life lessons you have created and it will reveal the future impact of those lessons.


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