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Tarot Cards Reading

This powerful tool will guide us deep in to our personality by describing our situation with no judgment, recognizing the potential in us and lead us to the direction that will change our life.


Gypsy Cards Reading

Gypsy Tarot Cards and all other Gypsy cards open the door and look into our inner self. The focus will be awareness through reading signs and interpreting you can take all answers into account.


Medicine Cards Reading

The Animal Medicine Cards will present us with a clear picture of any issue and will show us the elements inherent in us and how to execute them. Observing the signs and learn the path.


Sacred Path Cards Reading

The Sacred Path Cards were developed by Jamie Sams and combine the Native spiritual tradition and wisdom to show us how to walk our sacred path, our life.


Vision Quest Cards Reading

The Vision Quest Tarot will shine a light on the ways you need to deal with your life’s issues and will create a new clear path and insights.


Shaman Cards Reading

Shaman Wisdom Cards Reading will refresh your inner self. The cards can be used to develop the right medicine and power you need in your journey.


Soul Mates Cards Reading

You will discover and express new things about yourself and the world around you. The Soul Mates Cards are a channel to our higher self.


Sacred Space – Color Chart

Your Color Birth Chart will show you your qualities that can give you protection. The Sacred Space map will create clarity.


Animal Totem – Birth Chart

A practical solution to guide you to live in clarity, get to be familiar with your skills and abilities, understand your life purpose and help resolve issues.


Light Language 7/49 Grid

Light Language Healing is made by the transmission of frequencies of shapes and colors into your energy field. Light Language Grids are our way to change the electromagnetic field.


Pendulum Reading

The pendulum allows us to ask any question to get information on topics such as love, relationships, health, energy, business, spiritual development, finding objects, and more.


Dream Meaning Interpretations

The dream is a frequency that reaches our soul. We can use our dreams to reconnect to the soul’s world and go through various learning processes that will reflect on our day to day life.


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Love and Relationship

Want to find your soul mate? Need to know more about your lover’s personality? Need to analyze your relationship? Have a conflict in your relationship that needs to be resolved? Relationship questions can be about lover, parent, children, friend, etc.

Love Questions

Money and Career

Looking for a job? Lost your job and you need to find a new one? Need money to handle a large debt? Want to quit your job? Pursuing further education in your career? ask to ease your economic concerns that are in front of your mind.

Money Questions

Health/Illness Issues

What lesson am I learning from my illness? What is the meaning of this illness in my life? What does it represent in my life? Please be careful about asking health or legal questions. The readings will only look at the energy around your health situation.

Health Questions

Self Help & Luck Issues

Want to learn how to be more balanced in your life? Want to learn how to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses? Want to know if there is anything that you or your loved one needs to be aware of this year? What is the potential of your future?

Luck Questions

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