Love and Relationship Issues

Want to find your soul mate?
Need to know more about your lover’s personality?
Need to analyze your relationship?
Have a conflict in your relationship that needs to be resolved?

There are thousands of questions you can ask about love and more about relationships.

What to ask about

Relationship questions can be about your lover, spouse, partner, parent, children, friend, neighbour, colleague etc.

Your main focus should be on the question itself. Any of the reading has the power to move you forward, away from the place you are stuck in now.

Suggested questions and readings

(Read these as guidelines. You can ask your own question).

  • Where is my relationship with (insert lover/parent/child name) heading in the next (insert number) months?
  • What can I do to release the block of my love life so it will flow smoothly?
  • How does (insert lover/parent/child name) feels about me now?
  • What lesson am I learning from my current relationship with (insert lover/parent/child name)?
  • What is the meaning of (insert lover/parent/child name) in my life? What does he/she represent in my life?
  • How can I improve my relationship with (insert lover/parent/child name)? How can we get the fun and excitement back?
  • How can I overcome the challenges I’m facing in my relationship with (insert lover/parent/child name)?
  • What do I need to do to find real and lasting love and relationship?
  • How can I end the relationship with (insert lover/parent/child name) in the most loving way possible?
  • What is stopping and blocking me from finding love?
  • Get reminded of the meaningful relationship you had with your loved one that passed away.

For any other questions, use one of the readings below.

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How to ask the questions

We recommend not asking vague questions like “will I ever find love?” “will I ever find love?”.

Any questions that contain judgmental or desperate feelings will bring the same answer. Remember that it’s your own thoughts and actions that will bring love into your life.

Asking questions with assumptions will answer only this question.

When you ask “when will I meet my soul mate?” you are asking for a time frame to find love but are you sure it’s your soul mate? Maybe your Grandma is your soul mate…Keep your questions clean of any suggestion.

Questions containing blame will immediately focus on the other person and will not promote you to your future happiness. Asking questions like “why doesn’t she love me as I love her?” will aim at the other person and you will not know your ability to change the situation. Let your Higher Self steer the wheel and not your Ego.

Focus your questions on yourself. Questions like “when will they break up?” will not benefit you.

The reading should be about your relationship, not someone else.

The best strategy will be to shift all “when” and “will” questions to “what can I do” and “how can I” so the answers will guide you toward creating the love life you desire.

Please remember that the reading will not “predict” the future.

Your action and reaction to the reading will play the most important role in your love and relationship.

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