Pendulum Reading

The pendulum is a simple looking object, but has amazing abilities and extraordinary power.

The Pendulum sensitivity and accuracy make it a multi-purpose tool, simple to use with fast results that can provide accurate and right answers in various fields.

The pendulum is a practical tool, easy to use with fast results. It allow us to take care of ourselves and ask any question to get information on topics such as love, relationships, health, energy, business, spiritual development, forecasting, finding objects, and more.

The pendulum is a small object, hanging on a string held between the fingers.
The pendulum can be made of any solid material in nature: metal, wood, stone or crystal. The pendulum should be hard, preferably made of ornate jewelry, be made with its tip at one end and at the other end of its chain or wire connection.



When the pendulum reading is made with Crystal pendulum then the properties of the crystal contribute to the pendulum qualities, and enhance the process and the answers.

The Pendulum measures the ability of our internal energies, as well as our external energy fields and can be used for many different uses.

It is not the pendulum itself that provides the information but the higher self, which brings the information from the subconscious to the consciousness, through the use of a pendulum reading.

The answers in a pendulum reading will be “yes” or “no” so the questions should be asked as yes or no questions.