Order a Reading

How many times did you felt stuck?
How many times did you find yourself in from of a very important decision with no clue what to decide?
How many times did you look for answers for the questions that disturb your mind?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you’ve arrived to the right website.

The readings are a tool for you and will give you immediate response to all the troubling questions you ask.
A reading can be for you or anyone close to you and in any issue: Love, relationship, money, career, business, parenting, house buying and home moving or any other area you’ll choose.
All these questions that bother us, holds us back with concerns, worry, insecurity and fear.
The reading will direct you back to the right track and help you understand the truth about your life so you’ll avoid mistakes and build better future.

The Ordering process
Please read carefully and order the reading you think can benefit you best.
Payments are via PayPal. All costs are in Canadian dollars and PayPal will make the conversion to you currency before the purchase.

After you’ve ordered please send email with your question or documents needed to: info@chakarma.com to make sure I’ve got your order.
Once I’ll get your email and order I will send you confirmation email.

Everyone has the ability and potential to change reality and growth to find better and improved future.
So if you have nagging questions you are welcome to email me immediately and get the professional and accurate answer you’ve been seeking so long.

Self awareness and clarity waits for you.