Medicine Cards Reading

In ancient times the Council of Elders use to draw on rocks or pieces of skin and seek for answers to questions a problem.

Native people used different symbols to connect between spirit and matter. They didn’t use cards but the real things like Eagle feather, rock and bones.
Observing the signs help them learn about themselves and choose the right path in life.

The concept that the world is reflecting in us and we reflect in the world guides us to learn different abilities from the animals.

On each Medicine Card there is an animal representing the characteristics of that animal as interpreted by the natives as they observed it in the wild.


Medicine Cards Reading

Animal spirit has different abilities and qualities that allow us to get the therapeutic assistance so we can increase our personal skills.

The Animal Medicine Cards will present us with a clear picture in any issue and will show us the elements inherent in us and how to execute them. We will view the steps needed on the way to reach our goals and will bring understanding and acceptance on areas where things aren’t running to our satisfaction.

Medicine Cards Reading will allow us to create a dialogue between us and our journey.
The Animals cards will walk us a fascinating path through old Native knowledge with a lot of compassion and without any judgment and will give us an interesting perspective on our life journey.

The Natives believed that power lies in the understanding and wisdom each of us as we walk in the Great Mystery so they summon the power of an animal and blend in harmony with the essence of the animal reaching healing with modesty and sensitivity.

Medicine Card Reading and book were written by Jamie Sams and David Carson and the deck contains 52 Animal cards that decode the message that the universe offers us so we can heal our soul.