Yes or no questions are good only for the Pendulum Reading. If you are seeking help and guidance you need more information. The readings can give you the tools for your growth so please avoid Yes/No questions.

You are here for your own growth, right? How can it help you if you’ll know about someone else? Reading for someone else is true only for the moment we read as the thought and actions of that person can change it all in a second.

The cards can help you change your life for the better as long as you are the one doing all the actions. If you are judging yourself and you are not open to new ways you will not be able to find the path to happiness.

No. I do general reading as well. Please take a look at Find Yourself and Your Luck for the variety of annual reading and general focused spreads.

Ask yourself: where does it hurt the most? Love? Money? Career? Health? Are you fulfilled in any of these? Sometimes one area will “fix” all the other areas. Sit and ask yourself where do you think you are stuck the most or seek one of the over all readings like Totem Animal Map or Birth Color Map: Find Yourself and Your Luck