Animal Totem Map – Birth Totems Chart

Birth Totems chart tool was developed according to the sacred philosophy of Seneca tribe and is taught by the wolf clan.

This is a personal diagnostic that gives practical solutions in order to guide you to live in clarity, get to be familiar with your skills and abilities, understand your life purpose and find the main issues you need to resolve in this time.

Totem is a quality, a feature characteristic of one person or group of people.
We can find Totem believes in almost any culture that live in conjunction with Mother Earth and develop relationship with nature.


Birth Animal Totem Chart

In this Birth Totems chart the characteristics will be expressed in animal kingdom. The Seneca Native tribe had eight clans. Each clan was represented by an animal and the people carried the animal properties, the Totem Animal: Bear, Beaver, hawk, heron, turtle, wolf, snipe and deer.

This unique technique of Animal Totem Map is based on the philosophy and belief that every person has nine qualities, must learn lessons, hidden potential is life situations and these nine qualities are reflected in 9 animals.

Birth Totems chart or Animal Totem map can help us understand the key points in our lives, and teach us about the challenges and lessons our soul has to learn in this life.
The Animal Totem map shape is a circle (like most Native knowledge) and contains 7 sacred directions.

The map shows the balance between feminine quality to male quality. This balance allows us to live life free of conflicts.

This is a natal map and can be done only once in a lifetime.
You were born with you 9 totem animals and now you are ready to see it.