I’m an experience Spiritual consultant and a healer in have been in the spiritual world since I was 12.
My certification from the “wolf clan” of the Seneca tribe has been the key to my successful ancient philosophy tools and readings.

As a healer I practices unique shamanic techniques: “Light Language” healing from the Curandero tradition and pain relief with “Light Thread” from the Spider Women medicine.

I consult individuals using Medicine Cards, Shaman Wisdom Cards and Tarot Cards.

In 2005 I got my native name “Healing Antelope whose eyes see the precision”. It was given to me as an indication of my special healing abilities. It was a mile stone in my spiritual journey that began in a very young age.

ALL of my readings are confidential. I will never share any details with anyone else.
I use my own cards and not any computer generator or online software.
In my readings I share both the positive and the negative and offer you more tools and perspectives but I will not tell you must do that is for you to decide. Please remember that my readings cannot be instead of any professional medical or legal advice.

You must be 16 years of age and I do reserve the right to refuse a question if I think it is inappropriate. I will email you back and we will try to word the question again.

“May You Always Walk in Beauty”