Free Tarot Reading Message for June 13, 2016

Open the week the right way  - discover you free tarot reading message for this week.

The following cards represent three messages, insights or guidance for the up coming week.

Select only one card, the card that is feeling right for you. remember the card number.

Tomorrow we will reveal the cards with images and you will get the free tarot reading message for this week.

We will post the answer on our Facebook as well.

Free Tarot Reading weekly message
Free Tarot Reading weekly message

The free tarot message of the week isn't predicting the future, but is a great tip. Even when the cards do not have a positive tone they actually help us avoid difficulties and help us on our journey.

Have a Great Week!

This is the week to work. You’ll be able to practical and produce.
This week you are a manager, a financier or craftsperson.
You’ll be responsible and trustworthy but beware of being too stubborn and slow.
React to change.

This is the week to be spontaneous.
Be open to the experience what this week will bring.
Don’t plan the week just trust the universe.
Experience life here and now. Moment to moment.
Good week for being silly with no fear.

Today is the week to be awakening to something you had not seen before.
You’ll hear the “call” of the spirit, you’ll feel rebirth and a sense of new life.
Find time to research or examine something in depth. Look deeply into a matter and determining its worth or value to you.
Review your past actions, confront your motives.