Tarot Reading

Tarot cards were originally designed as a card game but today we use them as a tool to help us recognize our inner self.
This powerful tool will guide us deep in to our personality by describing our situation with no judgment, recognizing the potential in us and lead us to the direction that will change the course of our life.

Tarot cards will not predict the future but will let us define who we are, show us why we are in the situation, how we got there and will shine a light to the direction we should go to. Tarot cards will help us move forward in life.

Tarot Reading 3 Questions

The origin of the cards is unknown. Some will argue that the source is ancient Egypt and then the Gypsies brought them to Europe and some will say that the Tarot cards were origin in Europe in the middle ages.

Arthur Edward Waite was a member of the “Golden Dawn” secret order in England in Eighteenth Century and his Tarot Cards deck was designed according to the principles of the Order. It was the first time that the Tarot cards were presented to the public and soon after they have become popular among many people and Tarot reading started. To date, the Waite card deck is the most known and widely used around the world

The traditional Tarot deck is 78 cards and is build out of two subgroups, the Major and Minor Arcanas (in Latin means secret and mysterious).
The Major Arcana is made out of 22 cards with a powerful, deep and strong energy. The Minor Arcana is made out of 56 cards divided to four groups: wands (or clubs), cups, swords and pentacles (or coins). Each group is numbered from 1 to 10 and has four court cards: page, knight, queen and king.

In Tarot reading we will consider the meaning of the card as well as the location it came out in the spread.
Each card with its own significant meaning, location and connection to other cards in the spread will help us interpret the answer to the question.