Sacred Space – Your Color Birth Chart

Are you looking for a tool that will let you work with yourself, you personality, skills and ability so you can explore, examine, inspect and develop you and even guide you to who you really are?
Then the Color Birth Chart is for you.

The Sacred Space map will create clarity. It will connect you to the ground, to Mother Earth that nature and feeds you. Your Color Birth Chart will show you your qualities that can give you protection.
Through this amazing tool you will learn what helps your vitality, increase your productivity, your work and what opens your creativity and expression.
It will revile to you what you have promised yourself when you’ve entered this world. You will understand how you see the world and how others see you.
The Color Birth Chart will remind you to look at your decision making and will direct you to reinvent your life.


Sacred Space Color Birth Chart mother earth chart

Based on the knowledge of the Seneca tribe the Color Birth Chart has 13 colors. Each color has a specific meaning and carries certain frequency and quality.

The Sacred Space – Your Color Birth Chart represents the 13 frequencies of Mother Earth. The 13 Mothers in 13 colors: Orange, gray, brown, rose, black, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white, purple and crystal that contains all the colors in it all.
We are affected by any of these frequencies from the moment we are born. The frequencies are located in our own Color Birth map and by the location we will learn what lessons are we’ve already learned and what need our attention.

7 of the colors will be located in our abilities and will represent our gifts.
These are the tools we have to overcome difficulties and deal with obstacles in life.
The other 6 will be the lessons we need to learn, our weaknesses or our potential. These are our hidden gifts, the things we can learn.
The colors are arranged according to a certain order on the circle. This circle is called the circle of peace.

Colors are one of the simplest and most available tools. Colors are all around us, we can make them for teachers and instructors through our path.
Have you ever asked yourself what the red represents for you? Or blue?
The map is used as a spotlight which emphasizes the particular topic to inspire you to action.
The map reminds you what you already know and help you to connect and not to be afraid to look inside.

Each of us has an important place that only he can fill. It is important that we know, determined and connect to this place and contribute to the full of our ability.
This tool will help you create a more fulfillment, joy and growth in your life

The Natives used this tool as an identity card. You can make this chart once in a lifetime for life.
The Color Birth Map is set at time of our birth and we cannot influence it. We can’t choose it. We can only choose that time it will be reviled to us.