Light Language 7 Chakra Grid

Light Language is a sacred healing technique that helps create change and transformation in your life.

Light Language Healing is made by transmission of frequencies of shapes and colors into your energy field. These amazing frequencies of light language are within us and around us, and in every part of the universe.

Light Language Grids are our way to express complex sentences and change the electromagnetic field with sacred geometry.

The principles of the Light Language 7 Chakra grid are based on the native shamanic tradition from Mexico, by the ancestry of Curandera (healers in Spanish). They assumed that the world consists of forms and colors and light travels in a system of wave energy. Based on this assumption, they drafted a set of rules and predict how light behaves a certain way of encoding a particular color.

Light Language 7 Chakra Grid


Using the language of light can create a grid, a sequence of frequencies that work with our mind, and help us create a new reality in our lives. You can create an infinite number of realities through the language of light, and any kind of healing that we seek in our lives.

The 7 Chakra grid is personal and created especially for you. The Grid makes wave of energy which affects your life and everything that comes into contact with you.

Personal Light Language 7 Chakra grid helps you create a new reality in your life, by implementing new frequencies and releasing old. It will also create a new light net around you.

Personal Grid consists of seven shapes and seven colors, and is working on seven major chakras to create endless possibilities and opportunities of healing and growth.
The personal Light Language 7 Chakra grid will creates changes in and works on all levels, and brings you to be awake and alert in your life, your body, your relationships and your abundance.