Light Language 49 Grid

The work in Light Language is made using a Grid. The Grid is a network that describes the shapes and colors of our aura and the changes we want to make in order to achieve a certain goal.
Light Language 49 Grid deals with issues at the earthly level and works on the seven chakras in our aura. Most usually it is enough to handle most of our current goals.
The Grid will operate within a predetermined set time. At the end of the Healing Wave, the operating time of the grid the reality you’ve requested will set in.


Light Language 49 Pain Management Grid

Light Language 49 Grid can be ordered and written for most subjects in life meaningful processes:

  • Healing relationship with someone close (parent, partner, children, friend, colleague, neighbour, etc …)
  • Cleaning relationships that do not serve you anymore
  • Opening the way for a new relationship
    Healing physical illness
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Expansion of plenty
  • Getting a job
  • Improvement in work or job
  • Attracting opportunities
  • Finding life purpose
  • Finding a new home
  • Moving home / house  to a new location
  • Creating healthy boundaries with the environment
  • Pregnancy and birth support
  • Increasing Self Confidence
  • Healing the inner child

And basically anything else.