Email Reading Services

Email Reading Services

The art of card reading or psychic reading is a combination of learning and intuitive or psychic abilities.

Each card in any deck (Tarot Cards, Medicine Cards, Gypsy Tarot Cards, etc.) has its own traditional meaning but the reader adds intuition in order to read and give advice.

Learning the meaning of the cards never ends. The amazing pictures and drawings on the cards will send the reader to check the meaning again and again.
There are many meaning and many card decks and even many ways to read the same card from the same deck in the same spread.New spreads will emerge from experience and sharing but the MAGIC will happen when we add our intuition.

Card reading will enhance develop readers intuition in such a way that the energy in the room while reading the card will feel pure. Pure magic!

Many ask me how can it be that I can give advice and direct people with beautiful pictures printed on cards. But the truth is that I hardly see the pictures or drawings on the cards.
When the question has been asked and the cards are spread on the cloth I dive deep and start seeing a movie, scene with color and sounds and I know the answer.

We all are a combination of a lot of parts.
Some are matter some spiritual and some we cannot explain. Card Reading is the same. The cards are the matter and the message is the spiritual part.

Our spiritual being moves from stage to stage, seeking and calling for help and support.
Cards can give us the key to understand what we need in order to keep on moving in our spiritual journey.
Card reading can help us understand who we are, what stage are we in and what we need to make it all come true.

Life is a collection of spiritual lessons and in each stage of development we will meet the lesson we need. Card Reading will help us understand what we need to complete the specific lesson.
The art of card reading is not predicting the future or answering yes or no. The sacred role of the cards reader is giving the direction so you can journey in to your inner world and fulfill the future that waits for you, the future that is the result of what you’ve learned and did by yourself.

Card reading will mend the tear between the matter and spiritual parts in our lives and will teach us the tools we need to overcome the fear and worries and fulfill our ambitions and desires.

Of course the next question is can we achieve all of this through Email Reading?

There isn’t any difference in the way we open the cards, read the signs and find the answer.
Email Reading is our modern way to meet and discuss your spiritual journey.

Choose your Email reading to help guide you and give you the advice you need when you struggle in many aspects in your life